Finding Short-term Storage to Make Moving Out of Kingston a Breeze

Finding Short-term Storage to Make Moving Out of Kingston a Breeze

Finding a Kingston moving company to help you with moving out of province is one of the first steps to having a successful transfer. How should you approach the task of finding short-term storage before moving across Canada, though? Read on for some of our best advice on how to find reliable short-term storage for your move.

How to Find Short-term Storage for Your Move Out of Kingston

Once you’ve decided on a long-distance moving company to help with your move, you’ll have to arrange all the other logistics of your move. A short period in between your leases is one of the most common reasons for renting a storage unit during the moving process. There are a few main points that you ought to keep in mind before deciding which short-term storage option is best for you.

Decide How Much Space You’ll Need

The availability of space should be one of the first points that you consider when renting any kind of storage unit. The more space you require, the more you can expect to pay toward the storage service that you choose. Be realistic about how much storage space you need and try not to rent a unit that is much larger than what you can fill.

This choice will also depend on how you plan to store everything. If you prefer to stack everything neatly to be moved out at a later date, then you will be able to choose a comparably smaller area.

You might want to access certain boxes earlier than others, however, or store awkwardly shaped items that take up more room. If you need a bit of room to move around, then a slightly larger storage space might be worth the extra money.

Compare Prices of Different Storage Services

It is wise to compare the prices and customer satisfaction levels of long-distance moving services, and the same approach applies when shopping around for a temporary storage service. It’s best to single out services that specialize in short-term contracts. Their business model will be much friendlier for somebody who is specifically in need of a temporary storage solution.

For the best value and the most reliable storage service, you will need to do slightly more research than just using the first service that pops up on a search engine.

Consider Any Special Storage Amenities That You Might Need

If you need to store anything sensitive to temperature or humidity (such as artwork or electronics), inquire about the different amenities that are offered by the storage services you’re considering.

You may only want to store your belongings for a few weeks, but poor storage conditions can do lasting damage to the items that are sensitive to certain conditions. Protect your property by opting for a storage unit that can accommodate your needs.

Decide Whether You Want to Use a Full-Service Storage or Self-Storage Option

Full-service storage is more expensive than self-storage, but it takes much of the hassle out of the entire storage process. This type of service will pick up your belongings for you and put them neatly into the storage unit on your behalf. It’s one of the simplest ways to move your worldly possessions into a reliable temporary storage facility.

Self-storage, on the other hand, is easily the more popular option of the two. The advantages are that it’s cheaper and that you personally handle the transport and storage of your precious possessions. You’ll be fully responsible for your things, and nobody else will have access to the unit.

Consider What Security Measures Are Offered by a Given Storage Service

Keeping your things safe is pivotal, and you should only trust a storage service that has reliable security measures in place. From security cameras to employees that are on-site 24/7, you should be fully aware of exactly how secure your items are based on where you are going to be storing them.

It’s much better to pick a secure service which is a bit more expensive, rather than choosing the cheapest option and losing it all. Are a few extra dollars not worth the security of several boxes of your belongings? Selecting a secure short-term storage service ought to be one of your highest priorities when shopping around for a temporary storage solution.

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