family packing

My girlfriend and I had about to move home for working purposes, the guys that was given to us were nice and friendly , quote for a good price too. That was a traffic day and we would have gotten done much faster but then all was perfect. I am very satisfied w/ the move, our day was stress free and i will definitely spread the news about them Kingston Movers!
Tim Ford, 36, Kingston

I just moved last weekend and id like to tell Kingston Movers that the guys were excellent. They quoted a price was perfect compare to the other companies. Movers showed up on time and they were very efficient. They had everything for packing and were very nice to deal with arranging for the move. Jastin Levis, 26, Kingston
The most unlikable thing for me – moving. But then I was amazed w/ this moving company!! Our move yesterday  was so busy and stressful, but it all went all w/ the help of Kingston Movers. I am glad we chose this company as their movers were so efficient and professional. Everything worked out just so perfect. Thanks!
Donald, 28, Kingston
Kingston Movers are AMAZING! These guys are truly great and were like superheroes! They were strong, hardworking and very nice to work with. Looks so ready to go, and quick. The staff was cool and explained everything to me before the move. I will definitely recommend you guys!
Amelia, 25, Kingston
They were referred by a friend so I chose this company. The movers came 15minutes early and finished the job faster than I expected. I found them to be very professional too and they were enjoying taking care of my things. I have few friends who will be moving soon too and I will surely mention Kingston Moving company to them. Thumbs up guys!
Olga Petrova, 24, Kingston